Sony PC Companion

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Author:Sony Mobile Communications AB
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:27.2 MB
As mobile phones have recently become extremely popular - Sony Ericsson developed its own software that makes working with your device easier. There are enough people who use Sony phones or tablets every day - that is why Sony PC Companion is a great tool to manage the data of your device and to connect your desktop computer to any of your devices. Sony PC Companion utility is so easy to install – all you need is to connect your table or your mobile phone to the computer using USB cable or just via Wi-Fi. The app checks for new updated in automatic mode, and when it eventually finds one, the update is immediately installed on the connected handset. From this moment on you can use Sony PC Companion to transfer any data from you PC to your mobile phone and vice versa simply and quickly. Use this utility to synchronize your mobile phone’s contacts and calendar to those on your computer. As far as backup system is concerned, it would be good to mention that Sony PC Companion first backs up selected device data on your computer and then uploads it to Google, so you have to enter your login and password to continue uploads. It works only in case the same account is connected on the phone. When the backup thing comes to an end, you don’t have to keep your mobile phone physically connected to your computer. Now you can synchronize your data using storage cloud. It means that your contacts and notes in calendar are always with you, wherever you go. It’s a convenient solution to spend some of your time on, taking into account that you have to do it only once, and sync features will significantly help you in your daily tasks. It’s a great deal – you can save your time in future spending a few minutes now by installing this software and synchronizing your data. We think it’s great!

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