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Author: A.Comparetti
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:2.1 MB
SpeedFan is a unique software able to control your CPU fan speed. It can monitor the temperature of the CPU, mainboard and main adaptor to provide the maximum performance of your computer. You can use it to reduce the noise level or to increase the effectiveness of your CPU cooling. SpeedFan is what you need for processor overclocking. The main demand when using this tool is user’s being able to understand what can follow your actions and be careful. This application helps to maintain your system working properly and smoothly via monitoring voltages, fan speeds and temperatures. SpeedFan is able not only to monitor the current condition of your hardware, but to troubleshoot possible problems and provide various systems adjustments. In can access SMART information for hard disks, change FSB for certain hardware and, of course, manage temperature sensors to control fan speeds. There is a dozen of valuable pros of this software, but these two are the most important ones: Neat and intuitive interface: Well-organized interface of SpeedFan is divided into sections you can easily work with, situated on the top of the screen. The options are listed there Charts section used for data visualization for you to get a better idea of what is going on and to identify whether there are any problems. Talking about possible cons of this software, we have to mention it is definitely not for beginners, and there are tons of warnings and disclaimers to prevent any actions of inexperienced users that can cause harm to their computers. In general, SpeedFan is a nice utility to help you keep track of your system performance and adjust it to your needs. The data is showed in quite a simple way; the program interface is very good. But make sure you know what you do with your computer - it’s a great thing for experienced users only.

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