SRWare Iron

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Last Update:2015-05-13
Size:42 MB

SRWare Iron is a new browser alternative developed as a modern more secure version of popular Google Chrome. It has everything you got used to when using Chrome, but with this browser you get more privacy and more security than ever before.

SRWare Iron browser differs from well-known Google Chrome in this very issue, SRWare developers managed to solve some privacy problems that bother some of Chrome users. Failure details and information about your entries are not sent to Google and the URL-tracking system is disabled, so if you have some extra demands on Internet browsing security – SRWare Iron is a good idea to think of.

The interface looks very familiar to the popular Google product due to the same Chromium source code, but you can customize the look of your SRWare Iron version using user themes and a bunch of colors.

Get totally new Internet surfing experience with SRWare Iron web browser. You can create several user profiles if you need to and use synchronization in order to save all your Google bookmarks save and sound. As far as its security features are concerned, we should mention that SRWare Iron browser offers integrated password manager that will make you passwords secure and protected.

In addition SRWare Iron browser features a history manager and a task manager you can use when the page fails to load as well as in case you need some additional fishing and malware protection. It’s a great thing to entrust your browser with some security tasks that previously were completed by your antivirus software only.

So the bottomline is that if you are fully satisfied with Google Chrome – you can stay with it, but if you have your doubts about its security policy and you want something more customized and protected – here you go, because SRWare Iron browser is a great deal.

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