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Author:Code Sector
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:2.5 MB
TeraCopy – is a small program that serves to the fastest copying/moving of files. This is a convenient alternative to standard copying utility in Windows. TeraCopy advantage is its multi-threaded algorithm, which actually allows you copy faster the data. Additionally, the program prevents from problems when transfer is interrupted in the middle of the operation, when a portion of the file is in one place and another part is in other place. If the file cannot be read/copy, the program repeats trying to copy many times, and then just skips the file/ this is opposed to the conductor, who breaks all the copying. TeraCopy gives a detailed report about the progress of the copy operation. If it is needed, you can hide the report, leaving only a small window with two indicators of copy progress (of general and the current file). Another advantage of utility TeraCopy is an interactive Copy List - files with failure of copying will be noted in corresponding way, which allows to the user determine the error of copying.Features of TeraCopy:
  • RC check and comparison of files by it before and after copying or moving.
  • You can copy multiple batches of files using a special buffer.
  • TeraCopy can be integrated in the vehicle, replacing the standard copy.
  • It is possible to pause/resume copying.
  • You can skip files while copying.
  • Supports asynchronous copying for increasing the speed of data transmission between two different HDD.
  • Support for Unicode.

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