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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:3.3 MB
TrueCrypt is an excellent open source software instrument creating a virtual encrypted volume or encrypting the entire disks, for example, your system disk. You may keep your files or even your operation system hidden. Actually, the main task of this program is to keep your private information safe from hackers and viruses. The application isn’t necessary to install, you may just as well have the option to store the program files on your hard drive (to have it portable). In this case your Windows entries stay unchanged. Another benefit of using TrueCrypt is an option to store it on any external device and run it on any PC. TrueCrypt program can be used by anyone, but keep in mind that it sometimes requires some knowledge in technical terms. However, the program should be quite understandable to any person who needs such kind of software. As was mentioned before, there are two ways you can use TrueCrypt. The first one is an easy one: all you need is to create an encrypted volume. Note that it requires some free space, so the larger the file is, the more free space you need. Once the file is created – you can start using it just like any other Windows disk, the performance of your PC is absolutely ok. If your firewall is secure and you’re out of a shared environment – no one can mount the volume without the password, and anyone who would try to copy your volume will get nothing except for several random bytes. The second mode is more complicated: actually it’s full-volume encryption. It provides maximum security, because everything your Windows stores (for example, system restore points, temporary files, and other stuff will also be encrypted). But be careful, it means that if you ever forget your password, you cannot boot your computer. The interface of the program is easy to understand, even if you’re not quite a pro. This program is a great disk encryption solution, so if you care about security – here is what you need.

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