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Author: Cedrick Collomb
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:1 MB
Unlocker – the program that allows user to manage the files. So you can make the file to disappear, to appear in other place of computer, to give another name to file or folder. All what you wanted but could not do before because of some error. Unlocker is completely free and always will be, so you can use it for any purpose. You can use this program to unlock and trace the files, which are operated by Microsoft Windows. With its help user can finish some process with the file. Alternatively, you can terminate work with file using force. Program has command-line interface, which can be connected through console of administrator. Unlocker is integrated into the context menu of Windows, and opens a dialog showing the processes that block the file, thus preventing its removal. You can open it when you do right-click with mouse. You can finish and unlock these processes and then delete the file, or to plan the removal of the file by the next time the system is restarted.Unlocker is the solution for the following error messages:
  • Cannot delete file or folder, as it is used by another application.
  • Unable to delete the file. Access is denied.
  • Make sure the disc is not crowded or record-protected and that the file is not currently in use.
  • Sharing violation.
  • File is in use by another program or user.
  • And other similar ...

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