USB Disk Security

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Author:zbshareware International Inc
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:4 MB
USB Disk Security – is an anti-virus utility, which is designed to detect and remove malware programs that attempt to infect your computer via flash drives. Besides the basic problem, the program allows you to check the sites, to clean temporary files and edit the list of programs' auto downloading. USB Disk Security has a simple interface and almost does not consumes any system resources. The program is fully compatible with all popular antivirus software. Designed to detect and remove computer viruses, which are trying to infect your computer through potentially dangerous files Autorun.inf. The program is not a full Antivirus, so it is recommended only as a supplement to the main antivirus. Main features of USB Disk Security:
  • Anti-virus scanner, triggered by connecting the flash driver.
  • Ability to make scan the drive manually.
  • Ability to disable auto run applications on your computer.
  • Check the websites for viruses.
  • Ability to block unauthorized copying of data on USB-drives.
  • Availability of protection for program settings with a password.
  • Built-in cleaning system of temporary files.
  • Ability to restore the registry branches, which were modified by malware programs.
  • Automatic check for updates.

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