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Author:Victoria HDD Utility
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:600 KB
Victoria - a program that helps to user check, get some service and assistance in reaching the goal to recover data from any hard disks that has special interface – just IDE and Serial ATA. With help of this utility user can see technical state of HDD by the moment in all perspectives. It offer all information, gotten from deep of the data and make this search very fast. In Victoria are collected capabilities of most part of proprietary diagnostic tools for the HDD and other equally useful functions. Victoria is working directly with the hard drive. Program allows you to control testing interactively. Thanks to the function of interface testing, you can at once recognize a defective loop or breach of contact in it.Main features of Victoria:
  • Automatic detection of controllers PCI ATA/SATA by the class code and the support for 60 popular models.
  • Complete technical information on the hard disk.
  • Dozens of tests for checking the surface and the "mechanics" of the disc.
  • Create and record of disc image.
  • Check the memory and interface of HDD.
  • Benchmark functions.
  • Defectoscope of surface.
  • Low-level formatting of HDD.
  • Identifying of hidden defects by reordering of sectors from reserve.
  • A sector copy of an arbitrary region of HDD in the file, with skipping of defective areas (can be useful for saving data from a damaged disk).
  • User can control and make lower the noise of acoustic.
  • Is available to choose password for your protection.
  • All data you see in SMART-monitor, which is easy to use.
  • User can change internal capacity of HDD.
  • View of information about the logical section through the ports.
  • Ability to work under DOS and Windows.
  • Program already has file manager.
  • You can use own help system of the program.

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