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Author:VirtualDubMod Team
Version:1.10.4 Build 35491
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:1.8 MB
VirtualDub – is a utility that help with video editing. Has little weight and offer high quality. In addition, user can see here an intuitive comfortable interface that contains a large number of audio and video filters, which allows you to produce high-quality remastering of necessary data. One of the significant advantages of the program is the ability to perform many functions without recompression of data. Is also useful if you want to operate video in simple line way. VirtualDub can use the built-in filters, or connected modules of third-party developers. Special plug made possible the work VirtualDub with vob-files (DVD-Movie) and with format MPEG2, simplifying work with these formats - no need to use a separate program (previously you had to use VirtualDub-MPEG2). VirtualDub also allows converting MPEG-1 in 24-bit AVI. In addition, the advantage of Virtual Dub is the principle of work in a mode "from the source file to the destination file", without having to create a project file.Main features of VirtualDub:
  • The program supports performance that is distributed among some PC, which make one network.
  • Supports work with large files (over 2 Gb).
  • Allows pocket processing.
  • User can work not just with one track of sound, but with several.
  • Cutting the video and audio including by key frames.
  • Joints video and audio provided by the same method of fragments coding.
  • Separation of audio and video into different files.
  • Recompression of video without sound recompression. Recompression audio without video recompression.
  • Separate processing of video and audio stream.
  • Separates and unite the AVI files.
  • User can choose what delay in sound he wants.
  • Change of the number of video frames per second (video accelerates/decelerates; the speed of sound remains unchanged – happened desynchronization).
  • User can change format of the video by converting it.
  • Reducing the size of the video files.
  • User can combine video and sound via external files for .wav, .avi, .divx, .mpg, .mpeg, .mpv, .m1v, .dat, .mp3, .avs, .vdr, .w64 (but does not work with format .asf).
  • By connecting the corresponding plugins, also supports file with formats .3gp, .mp4, .mov, .wma, .wmv, .pvn, .flv, .fli, .flc.

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