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Author:Juryj Semenov
Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:2.97 MB

VKMusic is a useful application that can help you get your favorite music shared by other users of the popular Russian social network – Vkontakte (vk.com). Vkmusic is a great tool for those who value their time and want to have latest media at hand. What you actually need to start using this program – is just being logged into your personal account on vk.com. Then install the program, following the instructions provided. When this stage is complete, you can move to the next one. Choose the page containing the data you need (songs) and save it locally in HTML-format on your computer. Ater loading the file in VKmusic you will be able to see the full list of songs you’ve seen in original, but this time you can select those you would like to have locally on your computer or your device. VKmusic program interface is simple and intuitive, you can use this software to search for albums or songs, even if you just heard the melody somewhere in the movie or in TV commercial and you don’t know its title. Now it’s not a problem at all – enter any keywords you associate with the song and get amazing search results. Everything can be found with the help of VKmusic. Nothing extra, just basic options users really need. Enjoy free music with VKmusic software! It’s a simple and effective tool you can use to enjoy your favorite music whenever you are! Worth a try!

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