Windows Internet Explorer

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Last Update:2014-12-08
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Microsoft Internet Explorer is the free, default Web browser for the Microsoft Windows operating system. IE improves your navigation with a pack of features like browsing tabs, built-in download manager, easy search from the toolbar, RSS feeds reading and subscribtions, and much more. The browser contains various Internet connection, network file sharing and security settings. Internet Explorer also provides a variety of add-ons for a fully customized browsing experience. There are few different categories of add-ons like search providers, accelerators, Web Slices and toolbars.

Internet Explorer has upgraded its security measures to fight a malware. It has added parental controls and several methods to detect phishing attacks. The browser shows hardware-accelerated graphics, which gives you better visuals. Explorer uses your computer's processing power for better graphics and HD video in your web browser.

Internet Explorer Features:

  • Browsing Tabs. Allows you to view more than one website in a single window. It is easy to switch from one page to another.
  • Tab Groups. You are able to open several tabs with one click as they all can be grouped and saved into categories.
  • Quick Tabs. Selection and navigation through open tabs is easier with thumbnails of them all in one window.
  • Instant Search box. Web searches using your favorite search provider can now be entered into a search box within the toolbar, eliminating the clutter of separate toolbars.
  • Advanced printing. Internet Explorer allows you to print the entire webpage. It automatically scales any webpage for printing.
  • Favorites Center. Your access to your Favorites, Tab Groups and RSS Feed subscriptions is easy and quick.
  • RSS feeds. Explorer finds RSS feeds on sites automatically and shows notification on the toolbar.
  • Page zoom. You can zoom any webpage, it's graphics and text.

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