Windows Movie Maker

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Last Update:2014-12-08
Size:7 MB
Movie Maker is a very easy-to-use and beginner-friendly video editing tool offered as a freeware by Microsoft. However, it’s not included by default in the latest Windows versions, so you have to download and install it individually. Movie Maker is designed to help you make exciting home movies by bringing together video, audio and photo content within a couple of minutes and without much effort or special skills. Key features:
  • Plain interface with drag-and-drop support and a task list suggesting you what to do next.
  • Simple layout consisting of a storyboard, a timeline, an imported media pane and a video preview pane.
  • Multimedia import from either a hard disc location or an external source (including capturing from a camera, a scanner or other devices).
  • Combining videos, pictures and sound files into great movies.
  • Easy video editing by trimming, splitting, repositioning, duplicating, slowing down or speeding up your clips without actually affecting the source content.
  • Built-in audio editing functionality to manipulate audio tracks (volume adjusting, sound fading, etc.).
  • AutoMovie feature for automated movie making from multimedia content added.
  • Slideshow video making to animate your favourite image collections.
  • A variety of static and animated transitions, effects and titles to enliven your story and create professional style movies.
  • Movie sharing and publishing on a number of video hosting websites.

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